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ICUgro Inc. was incorporated in 1997. That means owner Mark Sarkan has been designing, managing, and hosting websites for almost 15 years. Over those 15 years there have been many technological changes. However, the ICUgro Inc. philosophy has always remained the same: create the website that the owner wants, make it do what the owner wants it to do, make it as simple as possible, and make it affordable to create, maintain, and host.

Part of this affordability results from ICUgro Inc. being a home-based business.  Compare that with a business that either has its own building or rents office space and one can see that this helps to keep overhead down.  The savings are passed down to the ICUgro Inc. clients.  Does this mean there are things that ICUgro Inc. doesn't have the technology to accomplish?  Definitely not.

ICUgro Inc. is committed to creating artistic, thoughtful designs that give the viewer a positive feeling for the website owner's business or organization. An understanding of the business's or organization's attributes must be conveyed to the viewer, and ease of navigation is always a must.  The website design is custom and not created from a ready-made template.

Almost everyone has a friend who's nephew can make a website.  Unlike most friend's' nephews, designing and managing websites has been Mark's full time business for a long time.  He doesn't come home from work and think, "I really HAVE TO get some work done on the ABCXYZ website tonight."  He gets up in the morning and thinks, "I have a great idea to add to the ABCXYZ website today!"

If this philosophy makes sense to you, please check out the rest of the website.  Mark will be happy to answer any questions you have either by phone or e-mail.  Just use the number above or the contact link below.  Let's get your website project started TODAY!

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