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Domain Name Registration
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Your domain name is your "www." name.  It is your business's or organization's home on the Internet.  Here is a paragraph of Internet history you might find interesting.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, manages domain names and Internet Registries.  Until late 1998 these and other Internet related tasks were performed by other organizations on behalf of the United States government.  Before the establishment of ICANN the US government controlled the Internet domain name system.

There are many domain registries where one can reserve their domain name.  Some are huge and some are small.  Mark registers domains through his registry at .

The cost for registering a domain name is all over the board, ranging from about $6.00 per year to over $34.00 per year depending on what the particular registry charges.  At Mark charges pretty much in the middle of those.

Why would you want to register a domain name with ICUgro domains and not with the $6.00 registry?  The answer is service that could keep you from losing your domain name or paying a bundle to get it back.  How does that work?

All domain registries are automated.  When you sign up for a domain account you give them an e-mail address.  When the time comes for your domain name to be renewed you get an e-mail telling you that it is time to renew.  But what if you have changed your e-mail address and did not update it in your domain account?  Or what if you simply delete the message because you didn't know what it was?

This scenario is why you want to register your domain name through ICUgro Inc.  If you are an ICUgro Inc. design and hosting client, your domain name is monitored for renewal to make sure it is not accidentally lost.  If you forget to renew your domain name when it is due it could go into a period called "recovery" or "redemption", and most companies charge upwards of $150 to renew a domain name in redemption.  Mark doesn't want that to happen.

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