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Manage My Own Updates?
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Most people do not have the time or the desire to manage the updates on their website.  Some people do.  ICUgro Inc. has a solution for both.

If you are like the majority of people, you just don't want to deal with updating your website.  For those people ICUgro Inc. makes it easy to get updates done quickly.  The best way is to print out the page you want updated, legibly notate the changes in a dark ink, and fax the page to 888 552-5675.  If you want to change or add pictures they can be e-mailed with instructions.  If you have large changes to make we can meet and discuss your needs and even set up an ftp folder on the Internet to make the transfer of large files easy.

For those who prefer to make their own updates, a simple system can be installed on your website that allows you to log into specific sections of specific pages to make changes.  For example, you have a schedule on your website that you want to update.  You log to that web page through your browser, enter your user ID and password, and access the schedule portion of the page.  You can do this from anywhere, and you cannot accidentally change items like the theme of the page.

If you decide to have ICUgro Inc. update your website, there are no one-quarter or one-half hour minimum costs.  You are billed for actual time used, even if that time is only a few minutes.  I believe that is the fair way to do it.

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