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Search Engine Optimization. aka SEO, is a very important part of most website projects.  A "pay-to-play" plan such as a Google AdWords campaign can be also.  It is important to determine whether or not you want SEO or pay-to-play at the very beginning of the project.  SEO can always be worked on at a later date, but knowing SEO is to be part of the project changes the way the project should be handled.

How do you know if you need SEO or pay-to-play?  Just answer this basic question: "Do I want my website to only be a place where people can get more information after they have contacted me, heard of my company, or received my business card, or do I want people to be able to search on the Internet and find my business?"  If the answer is the latter, you need SEO or pay-to-play.

SEO refers to the original "natural" or "organic" way of "optimizing" a web page to help the search engines know how to catalog or "index" your website.  It entails someone setting up the web page with certain elements in such a way that the visiting search engine determines how to index that page.  Once the page is optimized it is submitted to the search engines for inclusion in their databases.

There is one very important thing you need to know about this process.  NO-ONE can absolutely guarantee you a SPECIFIC RANKING for your SPECIFIC KEYWORDS using this system.  Developing and maintaining great rankings the organic way is an ongoing and sometimes time-consuming job.  That does not, however, make optimization unimportant.  Any successful way to get people to your website COULD be beneficial if it is cost effective.

The second way to get people to your website through the search engines is PPC, short for "pay per click".  Also known as "pay-to-play", PPC is a system whereby you select the keywords and phrases you want your website to come up under when someone searches that keyword or phrase on the search engine.  You "pay-per-click" each time your website is listed on the search engine results page AND someone clicks to see your page.  You pay for a page view.  Arguably the most well known pay-to-play is Google AdWords, where you can find keywords with cost per click ranging from a few cents to tens of dollars.

I have worked on SEO and managed Google AdWords accouts for clients for many years.  Making both work efficiently and economically can be a challenge.  Let's put together a plan for your website and see what traffic we can generate for your business!

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