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Website Design
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Website design is the bread-and-butter of the ICUgro services.  A website can be designed in many styles, and each designer has a unique style of their own.  ICUgro Inc. wants each website owner to have the design THEY want to have.  It is, after all, their website.  ICUgro Inc. will advise and guide until what we want the website TO DO matches with how the website looks.

Mark's Process

  1. I meet with the potential new client:
    1. We get to know each other.
    2. I make client aware of ICUgro Inc. services and capabilities.
    3. We discuss exactly what the client wants the website to accomplish.
    4. We create an outline of the pages in the website and what will be on each page.
    5. We discuss the 'look' or 'theme' of the website and the feeling it is to create.
    6. We discuss whether or not the client is interested in SEO.
    7. I create a proposal and contract with cost good for 15 days.
    8. If client decides to proceed immediately and contract is signed, a discount is applied to the cost and down payment is made.
    9. If client does not proceed immediately they have 15 days to lock in the cost without discount.
  2. Information gathering:
    1. The client gathers pictures and creates text for the pages using the page outline provided.
  3. Design phase:
    1. I start creating the custom theme of the website using pictures and information provided.
    2. Design is posted to a test area on the Internet for client viewing.
    3. Client and I are in contact making whatever changes are necessary to ensure the theme is what the client wants.
    4. The theme is complete when it is given final approval by the client.
    5. The page template is created.
  4. Content phase
    1. All pages are created and content added.
    2. Pages are posted for review in test area for client approval.
  5. Going live:
    1. When all work has been approved by the client the website is posted on its domain.
My goals are to make this process as simple as possible while creating the website that shows your business the way YOU want it to be show.  It really is that easy.  As information is turned in it is added to the website until the project is completed.

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