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Website hosting refers to the place where the files that make up your website reside on the Internet.  Just as the letter you wrote yesterday is sitting somewhere on your computer's hard drive, the files that comprise your website need to sit on an Internet server.  That is hosting.

Hosting can generally be broken down into the hosting of your website and the hosting of your e-mail.  Both are usually done on the same Internet server.  Hosting costs are based on the amount of data that makes up your website and on website traffic.  Website traffic refers to the amount of data transferred from the Internet server to people who are viewing your website.

Why are costs based on these items?  Because both add to the cost of running the server and the infrastructure that connects all of the servers and viewers on the Internet.  Simply put, a server can only hold so much data until it is full and another server needs to be added to the system, and only so much data can be transmitted through a cable connecting the server to the Internet before another cable needs to be added.  These cost more money.

ICUgro Inc. has two price categories for websites that are not e-commerce enabled, that is, do not run an online store.  Current pricing for most websites hosted by ICUgro Inc. is $12.95 per month billed quarterly.  A few websites have enough size and traffic that the cost is $19.95 per month.  If your website is huge it can be hosted for a custom rate.

Can you get hosting cheaper somewhere else.  Yes you can.  Can you get more expensive hosting somewhere else?  Yes you can.  Why would you want to host with ICUgro Inc.?  There are two great reasons: 1) down time is virtually non-existent; and 2) Mark is on the other end of the phone and the support form on this website if there is ever a problem.

If you have questions regarding hosting please contact me today.  Lets get your website project started!

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