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If you have lost your Web person or are unhappy with your current service, I WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP!

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On the About ICUgro Inc. page Mark says, "Almost everyone has a friend who's nephew can make a website.  Unlike most friend's' nephews, designing and managing websites has been my full time business for a long time."  This often translates to, "This person made my website.  He is in college now and doesn't have time to update my website.  I am not sure I like the way it looks, anyway.  Can you help me out?"

ICUgro Inc. has been in the website business for almost 15 years. Mark has helped many people who have lost their web person for one reason or another, and HE ENJOYS doing it.  Are you in this position?  Let's restate the most important part of this, "HE ENJOYS doing it."  Call today and lets talk about how ICUgro Inc. can help you.



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